UGA Students and Faculty Push for an On Campus Women’s Center

Valerie Cook

April 13th 2015

With more than half of The University of Georgia’s student body made up of females, many students and faculty believe that the university is lacking in campus resources offered to women.

The purpose of a women’s center is to offer a safe place where women can come to seek counseling, academic help, and get connected with other women on campus. Many colleges across Georgia, including Georgia College in Milledgeville and Georgia Institute of Technology, have on campus women’s centers.

Colleen Riggins, the director of the Women’s Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology feels that on campus centers are more beneficial than other off campus resources.

“I think anytime that you have things that are on campus for college students they’re more prone to coming in and seeking those out, it’s a little less daunting to just walk across campus versus going off campus and things like that.”

Despite its large female population, UGA does not provide a women’s resource center to students. Women’s Studies Program Coordinator Terri Hatfield says that the University offers some resources to female students, but not to the extent that a women’s center could offer.

“It’s just the safe place for people to go for various issues that women face across campus that are not these umbrella issues that universities tend to think that they are already providing services for.”

In 2014 the Student Government Association passed a resolution in favor of a women’s center. SGA Senator Samantha Cleare explains that SGA is the voice of the students, but it is up to the University to put plans into motion.

Cleare believes that with a initiative from the students and constant communication with the university, a women’s center could be made possible.