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Meaning Behind the Poses

Vinyasa is a practice that flows from one movement to the next. Olivia LeMieux, avid yogi and employee at Keep it Simple Yoga, demonstrates the dancer pose. This pose opens the chest and strengthens the mind.
Yin yoga is considered to be yoga for the joints, not the muscles. The pigeon pose helps to align the hips.
Restorative yoga focuses on mindfulness and creating awareness. The restorative bridge pose opens the front of the body and helps to counteract depression.
Power yoga is fitness-based, practiced to increase stamina and strength. The chaturanga sequence is physically demanding and incorporates almost all of the muscle groups.
The Hatha practice is good for beginners. Triangle pose engages the entire body and strengthens the core.
Ashtanga is typically fast-paced, composed of challenging poses. This intense side stretch posture with the hands in prayer behind her back exhibits a pose typically held in ashtanga.
Iyengar yoga incorporates controlled breathing techniques with traditional poses commonly found in Hatha. The warrior two pose strengthens and stretches muscles.
Bikram yoga, traditionally practiced in a heated room, is composed of a sequence of 26 poses. The standing head to knee helps increase balance and flexibility while improving concentration of the mind.