Cover Letter

April 24, 2017

Dear Recruiting Manager,

I am applying for the general interest arts and entertainment critic position within your organization. I have a degree in magazine journalism from the University of Georgia. I believe that my coursework experience makes me an excellent candidate who will bring value to this newspaper.

From my time at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, I have had several years of experience in different forms of writing—both digital and print. I have taken courses in magazine writing, news reporting, media technology, and critical writing. Throughout these courses, I have gained extensive experience in interviewing, developing stories, formatting and meeting deadlines. I have specific experience writing reviews in various areas including film, art, television, food, music and theatre.

I interned in the Public Relations and Marketing Department of Southeast Georgia Health System. During my time in the department, I proofread and edited the weekly hospital newsletter, put out press releases and created and edited Power Point Presentations for medical informational purposes. I also assisted in marketing events such the annual “Health Fair” which involved calling and scheduling participants. I gained experience in both public relations and communications and was able to utilize my writing and verbal communicational skills.

Currently, during final semester at the University of Georgia, I am a Public Relations and Marketing intern with the Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau. I manage the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, write weekly posts to the blog, promote events happening around town and craft newsletters keeping email subscribers up-to-date through constant contact email blasts. I assist the Public Relations Coordinator with crafting itineraries for upcoming press visits. I have also been able to observe SEO reports and learn about the value of social media and digital marketing.

I have grown up surrounded by the arts—I danced and performed in local theaters throughout high school. I have had some level of experience in all forms of art, whether it’s visiting galleries with my talented artist friend or attending local concerts with my roommate in the music business. I have experienced art on all scales, from local to global. I studied abroad ay Oxford University where I was able to experience more refined arts on a larger scale. I have developed a great blend of local and global arts of all forms. I tend to lean more towards contemporary arts, whatever is happening in the moment, but know how to recognize and appreciate the arts that shaped our world today.

I am passionate about the arts and my overall goal that I would like to bring to this organization is the enrichment of every day life. Critiques are not about what’s good and what isn’t—they are about evaluating and reflecting on culture in a way that sparks interest. I feel that fewer people are making time for the arts in their busy schedule and I believe that with well-written, knowledgeable critiques of local and global culture, the arts will become more prominent in communities.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.


Valerie Cook