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Athens’ Own: Mimi Maumus of home.made

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Featured in the New York Times food blog and Georgia Organic’s Chef Spotlight, Mimi Maumus calls Athens, GA home. She is the chef and owner of home.made, a southern style restaurant known to locals as one of the best restaurants in Athens. Home.made is well-known for its southern style cuisine, including pepper jelly pecans and Swanee Bites—cheese straws sandwiched with pimento cheese rolled in pecans. Mimi has her roots in New Orleans, which she expertly weaves into her style of southern food offered at home.made.

Meet Mimi

It’s undeniable that Mimi has an eye for food—her creations are unique spins on classic southern-style foods. Growing up in New Orleans, she spent a lot of time in the kitchen with her family cooking up classic southern dishes. Her family’s extensive garden supplied many of their ingredients, including mirlitons, figs, tomatoes, green beans and pecans. Mimi’s grandmother inspired her love of cooking preserves, pickles, and chutneys. Home.made embodies Mimi’s experiences with her family’s southern cooking and staying true to her roots while keeping things made from scratch, “I also cherish old family recipes and try to recreate my food nostalgia from childhood,” she says.

Before home.made

Mimi was able to experiment and develop the unique flavor of home.made while working at independently owned kitchens. After dreaming of opening a restaurant of her own, Mimi decided to convert her own kitchen and spend part of her time as a personal chef and caterer, and part as executive sous chef at Five & Ten under James Beard award-winning chef Hugh Acheson, before deciding to devote her attention completely on developing home.made. What started out as a personal chef business, home.made has expanded to double its size, “The business has really grown organically, literally out of my home, for 10 years so every step has been based on necessity and demand.” Of what’s next for home.made, Mimi says that everything will be “totally up to demand.”

A Unique Taste

The brilliance behind the menu of home.made lies in its creative take on traditional dishes. Mimi uses bold flavors to create the taste so unique to her restaurant, notably her famous pepper jelly. She makes sure to use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Mimi has found innovative ways to incorporate local Athens ingredients into her menu, “As a chef, ingredients and technique are really the two things that I value the most,”. Her Grilled NY Strip, features oil infused with 1000 Faces Coffee. Also notable about home.made’s taste is Mimi’s devotion to her dishes and to her customers, “My style of cooking is very focused on the person eating the food—trying to consider the entirety of their experience,” she says of her approach to cooking.

The New York Times food blog featured one of her especially unique recipes: pickled magnolia petals. When asked about her inspiration for such unusual dishes, Mimi says that she is a curious person, interested in food history and possibilities. As for her magnolia petal inspired dishes specifically, Mimi says “what good southerner doesn’t want magnolia vinaigrette on their roasted peach salad?” Her Mayberry sandwich—a creation of fried chicken, pimento cheese, pepper jelly, bacon, lettuce and remoulade all on a hearty buttermilk biscuit—was named one of 100 dishes locals love by Explore Georgia. Home.made is the perfect stop on any trip to Athens for a taste of the South—with a twist!

See what all the hype is about!

Stop into home.made for lunch or dinner Tuesday through Saturday! On Saturday, Mimi offers a special brunch menu where you can try her mouthwatering buttermilk biscuits topped with ambrosia lemon marmalade. If you have a busy schedule, try her “take away” items to have at home! Home.made also offers some of her most popular snacks online. Mimi made her line of southern snacks available nationally because “California friends kept asking for cheese straws!” Love home.made? Have your next event catered with Mimi’s delectable creations.

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UGA Students and Faculty Push for an On Campus Women’s Center

Valerie Cook

April 13th 2015

With more than half of The University of Georgia’s student body made up of females, many students and faculty believe that the university is lacking in campus resources offered to women.

The purpose of a women’s center is to offer a safe place where women can come to seek counseling, academic help, and get connected with other women on campus. Many colleges across Georgia, including Georgia College in Milledgeville and Georgia Institute of Technology, have on campus women’s centers.

Colleen Riggins, the director of the Women’s Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology feels that on campus centers are more beneficial than other off campus resources.

“I think anytime that you have things that are on campus for college students they’re more prone to coming in and seeking those out, it’s a little less daunting to just walk across campus versus going off campus and things like that.”

Despite its large female population, UGA does not provide a women’s resource center to students. Women’s Studies Program Coordinator Terri Hatfield says that the University offers some resources to female students, but not to the extent that a women’s center could offer.

“It’s just the safe place for people to go for various issues that women face across campus that are not these umbrella issues that universities tend to think that they are already providing services for.”

In 2014 the Student Government Association passed a resolution in favor of a women’s center. SGA Senator Samantha Cleare explains that SGA is the voice of the students, but it is up to the University to put plans into motion.

Cleare believes that with a initiative from the students and constant communication with the university, a women’s center could be made possible.













“Promoting and Covering the South’s Most Popular Sport”

ATHENS, Ga.- Professionals in sports media gathered in the Peyton Anderson Forum of Grady College Friday for a roundtable discussion with students where they reflected on how social media platforms have impacted the way they cover college football.

The panel included Keri Potts, ESPN senior director of public relations for college football, Pat Forde, a college football writer for Yahoo! Sports, Dan Wolken, national college football reporter for USA Today Sports, and Mark Schlabach, senior college football writer for

They focused on the new age of social media and how it affects reporting of football events. Wolken says that print media has become less significant in the realm of sports and live action coverage of games is crucial for drawing readers.

The group noted that the atmosphere of the South is one of the reasons why they enjoy covering college football.

“It’s beautiful, but sometimes a little scary,” said Potts of the passion of SEC football fans.

With such a dedicated fan base, conflict of opinion is inevitable. Social media has allowed more direct interaction with sports reporters and fans.

Forde says that while feedback from posts and stories can be beneficial, it is better to not respond to negative comments.

At the end of the session, the speakers were asked to give advice to the students. They agreed that it is important to seize every opportunity and work your way up in your career.

The discussion was moderated by part-time Grady faculty member Bryan Harris and was free to all University of Georgia students.

The panel was hosted by the Department of Advertising and Public Relations and Grady Sports Media. Around 70 students were in attendance.